A man who tells the story of traditional
Japanese tattooing through his delicate drawings

Kikuta first came into contact with the work of Horikouryu through seeing his work tattooed on the arm of one of his friends. It was so beautiful that he remembers even today the way he was struck by it the first time he saw it. The delicate pictures, the vivid colors, the eclectic blending of Japanese and Western styles was so unique that he was blown away by this art. This time the “SANGOU” brand has been fortunate enough to bring to fruition a collaboration between “SANGOU” and the artist Horikouryu. By printing on the garment.
People who don’t have tattoos perhaps don’t have much of an opportunity to see this kind of thing, so it’s a little glimpse of something new for them. This is Horikouryu’s very own hand-drawn work. The lines that run through it - these are “living lines”. The strength of the brushstroke and the nature of the lines show the urgent yell of Ryu’s work. This piece has been specially commis- sioned for the collaboration with “SANGOU”, but were this to become a tattoo it would be copied onto very thin paper and then traced onto the body. It would then be drawn on by the tattooer’s needle. However, in the case of Horikouryu, he hardly ever uses the tracing method - it may be surprising, but he usually just traces a general frame-work and then goes on to do the rest of the piece totally freehand. As people’s bodies are all unique, he adjusts his technique from person to person to achieve the perfect balance for that individual. With this incredible technique, his incredibly delicate, intricate drawings are carved into people’s skin.